Historical Photos

We are grateful to Vicki Lucius for sharing these family photos. We discovered Vicki online and learned that our property was once the home of her Aunt and Uncle, Richard and Vera Niekamp, in the 1940s. Known then as Highfield Farm, the property had reduced to about 10 acres from its original 120 acres since the early 1800s. The house featured an inground swimming pool fed by a local stream and was a popular site for large parties hosted by the family.

Some photos also show a large barn that was once situated on the south side of the property, now replaced by our south parking lot. Interior shots reveal a spacious game room area within the barn. In the 1950s, there were plans to convert this barn into a restaurant, but unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire. This led to the construction of the addition to the house that you see today.

Additional photos will be shared soon.